Turbo Cyclone

This, most popular, bowl slide is the extremely exciting, thrilling and attractive water slide in The Great Fiesta Family Water Park. It allows two riders at a time drop into a big round Bowl with fast speed and then circle the outer edges of the Bowl before exiting out, through terminal flume. Definitely riders of all ages will experience an unforgettable sliding experience with loud screams along whole course. The Turbo Cyclone is a very popular slide in The Great Fiesta Family Water Park. Riders take on a raft and grasp handles on both sides and slide down with, along the way, with its own gravity under water lubrication. After a period of spiral section, steep fall and buffer section, riders will enter the “Super Bowl“ by the spiral tangents as if they are they are sucked into the vortex. Raft will slide around the bowl under water lubrication, like flowing into the vortex. It means that riders taking a raft will come down from and go into buffer section bottom of the Bowl and then slow down on the splash pool, completing a thrilling journey. It allows two riders at a time with strong interactivity, has doughty appearance, making it an attractive slide. It makes the riders feel like being sucked into the tube and splash pool. It is made with top quality material, ensuring safe, stable and a memorable sliding experience.


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10:30 AM to 5:30 PM daily

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Saturday to Thursday, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
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